Video Review: Madonna x Nicki Minaj, ‘B*tch I’m Madonna’

I was able to watch yet another ‘Tidal Exclusive’ with Madonna’s latest release, ‘B*tch I’m Madonna.’ Now from the cover art she posted on her Instagram I was expecting a Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ production except with more familiar faces. I mean with Katy Perry being featured it looked like, no that was a clear shot to Taylor. I enjoy the track, hell I reviewed it  when it was released, but this video was not great at all. It did not live up to the hype whatsoever. It was, dare I say it, nonsense.

Now I still like the song and I think it can make moves on the radio with its EDM vibe, but while videos can make a track, this one surely did not. The video featured cameos from not only Katy Perry, as noted, but Beyonce, Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Kanye West, and of course Nicki Minaj. I read elsewhere of other cameos, but let’s stick to the basics.

The video looked as if it were shot in one day, celebs that could stop by did, and for those who couldn’t let’s just Snap Chat their faces in. It would’ve been great to see Nicki and Madonna together in the video, but it’s clear that from her scene that she was not on location. Madonna threw people in here and people in there and it’s like compared to her other work, this was disgraceful. She could have done so much better than what she put out, for sure. This is Madonna we’re talking about. She’s a legend for sure, but it gets to a point where with video so like this, I want her to stop.

Yeah, I get that it’s a party track, but the video just didn’t seem cohesive. There was no storyline she’s just running through a hallway with her music friends faces popping in and out. It’s not a video I’d put on repeat.

If you haven’t seen it check it out below:

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