Fashion Forward Friday [V.25]: Thrift Finds

I do not go thrifting as often as I would like simply because for one I don’t have the patience to look through everything and secondly there’s not many thrift stores in my area. I look at The Fashion Citizen YouTube videos and I look at what they find and I want to get out there and see what I could find, but when I plan I usually find nothing. I also love House of Aqua on YouTube as her home decor, even fashion finds, at the Goodwill and Salvation Army are amazing.  I took a spontaneous trip to a local thrift store and the Goodwill recently and I picked up three items all for a little over $20. I guess when I’m not looking I actually find some great pieces. First up I found a BRAND NEW pair of Eddie Bauer jeans that are a tall and loose fit. The Goodwill did not have a price tag on these, but I knew they couldn’t be too expensive. When looking online to see the price the jeans retail for $80. I paid $7.49. Score 1! eddiebauer Next up I continued to browse and came across a Ralph Lauren Sport denim shirt. Similar shirts retail for $70+. Goodwill had this priced for $7.99 so of course I had to buy it. I can’t wait to style it. Score 2! ralph Lastly, my friend and I headed to a local thrift store. It was very large and had a similar layout to that of a Forman Mills. I found a shirt as soon as I walked in from the brand Sonoma which can be purchased at Kohls. Kohls has similar styles priced at nearly $40. I paid $5.99. Score 3! sonoma I plan to take a thrift trip when I go to Atlanta this Summer, but I’ll still search around the ones in my area as well.

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