Etsy Haul #1

I have gone absolutely planner crazy and in this “Spicy Saturday” series on my blog I’ve really been showing my new found love for planners. Check out  my previous posts below:

In this post I wanted to share my recent Etsy purchases along with a video going more into detail. Check out the pics below and when you click them it will take you directly to each Etsy shops.










All of the stickers were affordable and the most I spent on a set was $5. You can follow these shops, for the most part, on Instagram as well and being that it’s Memorial Day weekend you’re sure to get a discount. Most shops offer at least 10% off your order and shipping wasn’t bad at all either. For what I’ve purchased thus far I haven’t had to pay over $4 for shipping. For a more detailed look at the stickers check out the video below.

12 thoughts on “Etsy Haul #1

  1. This is so beautiful. I never seriously began using a planner until late last year, and I still have yet to venture out into sticker territory, but now I know where to go to pick up some cool ones!

    1. Glad this post could help. I’ve updated the post with a video haul. Be sure to check it out. Thanks for reading.

      1. Ah, that’s where I’m going wrong! XD
        I hear planners do that to you. I’ve only recently gotten into planning but I think I’m already getting a bit obsessed.

      2. I’ve had my planner for a month and my inventory is quit excessive. I’ll be doing a post on my setup soon, but I have another haul & a Plan With Me coming up.

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