Nicki Minaj ‘The Night Is Still Young’ Video

Two videos from Nicki Mianj in one week, that’s what happens when Tidal drops exclusives. Well actually three videos when you count David Guetta’s, ‘Hey Mama.’ First up was her smash and long-awaited visual to her track ‘Feeling Myself’ (click HERE for video review) featuring Beyoncé from her album The Pinkprint (click HERE for album review). This time around it’s the video for what could be a Pop/Summer smash, ‘The Night is Still Young. Definitely not one of my favorites from the album.

Of course I found out about the video, like countless others, through Instagram. I mean it’s crazy how quickly something can go viral and as mentioned in my ‘Feeling Myself’ video review, Tidal and its exclusivity is hard to keep concealed. Everything, I mean everything, finds a way to the mainstream. So if you don’t have a Tidal subscription, no worries. Someone will bootleg the video and make it available for all to see.

Before even watching the video the pictures gave me a very ‘Moment for Life’ vibe for one based off what she’s rapping/singing about plus that infamous pink wig. I really prefer Nicki with black hair. Hell, even the blonde works. She rides on a bike with her attached at the hip boo, Meek Mill which gave me Kanye ‘Bound.’ Still not a fan of the song and the video, eh.

Have fun tracking the video down. It’ll soon resurface.

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