Video Review: Nicki Minaj x Beyonce, ‘Feeling Myself’

Just when I thought the video for ‘7/11’ was AMAZING, Nicki Minaj drops her video to her smash ‘Feeling Myself’ alongside Beyoncé this past Monday (5/18). The videos was released exclusively on Tidal, but of course the full length has surfaced elsewhere for non Tidal subscribers, like myself, to view.

The video was shot during Coachella weekend and begins with Queen Bey looking dope as usual and rapping the hook to the song. This is more of a behind the scenes before the music drops and Nicki begins rapping. Nicki’s ensemble in the beginning reminded of a scene from ‘Anaconda’ (check out video review HERE). Beyonce’s Bulls one piece has gone viral and everyone wants one.

“World stop” as it shoots to the crowd from Coachella. Back to the lovely ladies in their bathing suits. Talk about not having to show it all to be sexy. Bey’s lounging in the tub while Nicki gets her twerk on by the sink. My favorite part of the whole song are the bars beginning with “Pretty on Fleek.”

As the video gets closer to the end there’s this underground type party feel, ok it’s more of a get together atmosphere. Whatever Bey has in her cup surely has her feeling herself (pun intended). In other news, the jersey that Nicki’s wearing that says “Pervert” with the #17 is SUPPOSEDLY a jab at Tyga who’s with Kylie Jenner who is 17. That’s drama for another day. Hopefully Nicki wouldn’t be so bothered to include that, but talk about social media uproar over it.

I love how comfortable Beyoncé has gotten in videos. This is like a whole different side of her than what fans are accustomed to. I think the new “wave” could be videos that have fun instead of choreography and a story line. It’s not needed for every video especially with videos not being in the forefront anymore.

Talk about SLAYAGE (even though it’s not a word) from these two. Who would’ve thought they’d have this “bestie” chemistry. Queens meets H-Town for sure. I loved the swag of the video, the outfits were on point even with the abundance mixture of prints. Some people can have a rug thrown on them and pull it off. I loved the entire vibe and while it may have taken a while to get a video, there’s one for the books. Could an exclusive “Flawless (Remix)” video be on the way?

As for the video being exclusively released on Tidal, it was a smart move, but technology has won yet again. Fans do not need to watch the video on rotation when notable parts are posted all over the net whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or Facebook. Plus, it’s not hard to screenshot from a  video and once those pictures go viral the compilations are endless. I get why the move was done, but Jay-Z is not going to get a whole bunch of people to sign up for a $20/month music subscription based off an exclusive performance and exclusive videos. Technology really gets in the way of things, but hey, it’s beneficial.

To see the full video click HERE and for fashion from the video click HERE!

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