This Week In Music (V.32): New Music + News

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. From the title it seems that it’ll be a bit boring, but there’s so much I want to share, I kept the title pretty simple. Usual layout for new readers? Check out my posts of the week below, update on who topped the charts, and then into the scandal/drama/news/new music of the week. So here’s what happened on Music Moving Forward this week:

mumford-sons-wilder-mindAS for who topped the charts, Mumford & Sons released their 3rd album, Wilder Mind, and sold 231,000 copies in the first week landing them at #1 on the Billboard 200. Holding down the #2 spot is Josh Groban‘s, Stages, and in at #3 is Now 54. Over on the Hot 100 Wiz Khalifa is still at the #1 spot with ‘See You Again’ followed by Fetty Wap‘s ‘Trap Queen’ in at #2. ‘Uptown Funk’ has sunk down another spot from the previous week at #3 by The Weeknd‘s, ‘Earned It.’ Could Fetty Wap top Wiz Khalifa and take the #1 spot?

PicMonkey CollageIn other news, Kanye West received his Honorary Doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago. What a great honor for him.You can listen to his acceptance speech HEREKendrick Lamar was honored this week as well with the Generational Icon Award by the California Senate. It’s great to see a young man like him being honored for all he gives back to his community. Lastly, J. Lo might not have received an award, but she’s announced a Vegas residency that will be kicking off in January 2016.

As for new music, Timbaland‘s artist Tink has released a track ‘Million’ which infuses the great Aaliyah’s classic smash, ‘One In a Million.’ I wasn’t sure how the track would pan out, but I actually like it. It’s not a cover so no need for fans to get hasty. It’s a nice and subtle. It does use Aaliyah’s voice, but I like the track. I was thinking it’d be a cover since Tink raps and sings, but that wasn’t the case. Nice fusion there TImbo. Listen to the track below:

PicMonkey CollageT.I. and DJ Khaled dropped videos this week and both videos had me cracking up for different reasons. T.I. released the video to his track, ‘Private Show,’ featuring Chirs Brown and while there was nothing really special about the video the dance battle at the end was hilarious. Chris Brown dances to any and everything and T.I. hit his little two step before Chris straight spun on him making T.I. throw in the towel. A little comedic relief there. Super funny. Check out the vide below:

As for Khaled’s video, he really has to stop with the acting. I really didn’t bother watching the rest of the video simply because I had his horrible acting on replay. He pulls up to his “girlfriend” asking how many times he has to tell her to come here, yet he just pulled up. He then goes into that infamous line, “Who do you love,” and the girls always respond in a stupid voice “DJ Khaled.” Check out his acting if nothing else of the video.

Until next time…

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