Plan With Me: May 2015

Welcome to yet another planner post here on the blog in my “Spicy Saturday” series. Click the links below for my other planner related posts:

This edition I’m sharing how I plan. Here’s my layouts for the month of May thus far. The planner that I use is the Me & My Big Ideas “Happy Planner” (click HERE to purchase). 0516151016a_2 0516151017_2 0516151017a_2 I absolutely love the layouts that I have created. I plan in future months to have more themes especially with Summer coming I plan to incorporate more floral designs and for football season expect to see Steeler overload! For this month I kept it pretty simple as I am new to decorating planners with stickers which make it not only pretty, and at times busy, but it also gives it a scrapbook feel. Below is a pic of the stickers that I frequently have used this month. Majority are from Michaels 0516151016_2 Be sure to check out the video below for an in depth view of how I plan.

Note: Be sure to click the links in bold to find items I’ve mentioned and/or links to related posts.

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