Double Header Video Review: Duff x Spears

Hilary Duff and Britney Spears premiered their respective videos this week and I’ve decided to give my take in a special double header video review. I’ve been seeing clips of Duff’s video for weeks while pictures from Spears’ video with Iggy Azalea had surfaced before the video had even dropped. Well, both videos have been released so let’s get into the review.

I had just reviewed the ‘Pretty Girls’ single a week a go (click HERE for review) and the video has finally surfaced. The pictures that had been all over Instagram showed Britney in a quite tacky outfit with Iggy Azalea in what seemed to be them riding aimlessly around town. What I had expected was to see them riding around as the guys gawked at them, based off the lyrics in the song, but that wasn’t the case. This was more of a ditzy take on girls of the 80s and I think this was more of a parody than a video. I found it quite funny.


It begins with Britney siting outside of her pool and boom, this spaceship type thing hits the pool, foam comes up, and outcomes Iggy Azalea. So this is where the joke begins. Britney dresses Iggy and turns her into her ultimate BFF. They go out and about and end up at a car wash. Britney breaks into some choreo, which is a major throwback for her, but she seemed to be having fun and wasn’t as stiff as she was in her ‘Work B*tch’ video. Moving on, Iggy uses her super powers and turns the ATM into a money blowing machine and in another scene a box phone into a Samsung. Talk about a plug. I cannot forget the acting scene which feature Iggy talking in an extremely weird voice along with a lot of “Totally” and “Yeah”, more like “Yah.”

They end up at a club and Iggy walks through rapping her part then here comes some more choreo from Britney. For those expecting a full out routine, enjoy 10 seconds or so. It ends pretty awkwardly and Iggy stands next to Britney semi-dancing. Then the video ends as the lights come to take them away, but they don’t go away, then it shoots to the two dancing in the truck from a previous scene. I mean the video wasn’t horrible, I would’ve like to see a better ending. It just didn’t seem complete. I’ve read comments on what others have thought, but I really think this video was just a joke, nothing serious. Props to Iggy for directing the video alongside Cameron Duddy.

Check out the video below:

Moving on to Hilary Duff, as mentioned I had been seeing clips of the video and I thought it looked cool and the song sounded cool. I remember Hilary from Lizzie McGuire days and when ‘Come Clean’ was the intro to when viewers first met Lauren Conrad and Kristen Cavallari on Laguna Beach. This video features the clips that had leaked online, but not to the extent of what I was expecting.

UnknownThe video is more of an ad as it switches back and forth between Hilary dolled up for the video, but there’s a lot of voice overs as she talks about her Tinder experience. Yes, Tinder. Hilary who is currently separated is back on the market and it looks like she’s just looking to have fun and whatever happens happens. The beginning of the video shows her confirming during a radio interview that she did indeed have a Tinder account. The video goes on to show her friends setting everything up, she says she has a date, and she takes it a step further by recording the date. It was cool to see the whole process, but the spots here and there of what could have been a full out video seem off. I’d prefer the whole documentary feel overall.

It was a nice video, a different take, and it fit the lyrics. You look for the person to give you some type of spark and what’s great is that she had fun trying something new. Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone.

Check out the video below:

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