This Week In Music (V.31): New Music + Drama

Cheers to another edition of This Week In Music. Before we get into the headlines, click the links below for my posts of the week:

Starting with the top of the charts, The Zac Brown Band is on top of the Billboard 200 with their album, JEKYLL + HYDE. Josh Groban’s new album, Stages, sits nicely on the chart as well in a t #2. Over on the Hot 100 Wiz Khalifa still sits at the #1 spot with ‘See You Again,’ but Fetty Wap is slowly creeping his way up the chart. He’s now in at #2 with ‘Trap Queen’ bumping Uptown Funk’ down to #3. 
Fetty is on a roll as Drake has jumped on his latest single, ‘My Way’ which has resulted in some shade from Makonnen. For those who don’t know Makonnen, Drake was featured on his smash, ‘Tuesday’ and he’s also signed to OVO. Well whether he was hacked, or not, here’s what he had to say about Drake:

“f–k @drake: and @ovo for getting on @fettywap remix and leaving me in the #cold,”

“f–k a #cosign: forget ALL these NEW rappers IM grammy nomimated with or without a @drake #cosign im starting over and doing ME!!!!”

He even went on to “diss” Rihanna, but those previous tweets were deleted with a followup tweet:

“Some crazy sh-t just happened here. Got hacked. But all is good now.”

Sure, save face or whatever have you. That sounded a little more personal than just getting hacked. Moving on, listen to Fetty & Drake collab below:

Speaking of Drake, his Coachella kiss with Madonna was one of disgust to those who saw the pics and while Drake claims to love it Madonna has finally spoken:

You asked the million dollar question. I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Don’t kiss Drake. No matter how many times he begs you to.

Well, well there you have it. In this case some things are better left as dreams. I doubt Drake was expecting that kiss and from the pictures Madonna could be a bit salty that Drake wasn’t fully into it. Hence the shade. As for what’s next for Madonna, ‘B*tch I’m Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj is her next single (click HERE for review). That should be an interesting video.

Back to new music, A$AP Rocky has new music featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson titled ‘Everyday.’ No there’s no ‘Uptown Funk’ to this, but the beat is dope and the concept of the track makes me ready for new A$AP music. Listen to the track below:

Last, but not least let’s talk the fashion of the Met Ball. Yeah not quite music related, but the stars were out.

PicMonkey Collage Beyonce came in with her ‘Single Ladies’ ponytail and even if you didn’t completely love the dress, it looked great on her and she slayed every picture. I cannot say the same for her sister Solange. Sometimes I love what Solange has on, other times, hell no. This was a hell no moment. I get her dress went with the theme of the night, “China: Through The Looking Glass,” but no. Aside from Queen Bey’s dress I LOVED Janelle Monae’s look, Kim K. looked great, and you can never exclude Ms. Lopez. Rihanna’s dress was one of a kind and fit the theme, but that was a lot of dress for me. June Ambrose commented on the barely there dresses:

It was a lot of that sheer, Bob Mackie-inspired pieces, which is not Chinese.”

But, “You know, they’re musicians. Do they follow rules? Never. Listen, they were stage-savvy. A lot of people thought they weren’t right for that particular venue. But when you have a killer body like those ladies have — and again, they’re musicians, they’re artists, they’re not models — they’re gonna take things out of context. You don’t really give them rules.”And, “I thought they all looked incredible.”

Until next time…

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