NEW MUSIC: Miguel x Wale, ‘Coffee (F***ing)’

miguel-coffeeI am a huge fan of Miguel and I’m excited that his third studio album, Wild Heart, is on its way. In fact it’s set to be released sometime in June. His debut album, All I Want Is You, really spoke volumes to this new wave of R&B and made radio waves take notice. Miguel has this smooth vibe about him that while he might add Hip-Hop artists to his tracks his music is nothing but fine wine. It’s timeless and that’s hard to come by. He’s stayed in this lane and even with new music he’s putting out it’s still his signature. There’s just something about him that is so infectious that his music could be played on rotation.

His new track was featured on his EP, NWAand this time around he’s enlisted help from Wale. Miguel clearly likes rappers with depth in their bars to be featured on his tracks. J. Cole was on ‘All I Want Is You’ and Kendrick Lamar was featured on the ‘How Many Drinks (Remix).’ His first two albums All I Want Is You and Kaleidoscope Dream can very well go down as classics yet he’s more so known for singles. ‘Adorn’ was a huge smash, but people really have to take not of the artistry of Miguel and how clever his wordplay is.

I’m excited for this new Miguel album. He’s great at hypnotizing the ladies with his voice and swag, but I think this time around it’s gonna be a tad bit more personal. It’s easy to sing about loving someone, but it’s a deeper connection with fans to sing about personal experiences.

Listen to his collab with Wale below:

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