Black Eyed Peas Reemerge Without Fergie

bep_015The Black Eyed Peas are back with a new track as the soundtrack to the NBA Playoffs. The track titled ‘Awesome,’ is pretty catchy, but one thing noticeable is that Fergie is not present. Fergie has made a comeback, well not really, with a track ‘L.A. Love’ (click HERE for review), but no one has heard from her since. Why are all the members not together? Will Fergie be joining for future tracks? What’s to expect on the new album?

2015 marks 20 years since the creation of the Black Eyed Peas with,, and Taboo. Fergie didn’t join the group 2002 and the foursome became the mega group we know and love. They got a buzz with Elephunk and it continued to grow from there. Fergie’s done solo work including the others. Could the group just be celebrating its original formation and even so Fergie is not to be uncredited for the success. The group has been around for 20 years, regardless of when the buzz started, and each member deserves credit.

In a January interview with Digital Spy, Fergie stated:

I was just in the studio last week and I saw Taboo there, and I heard something will was doing and it was great. But maybe the guys are doing something? I haven’t been in the group for 20 years, so it’s more their anniversary of being together for 20 years. So maybe they’re putting out an album themselves.

The group could really just be celebrating its original formation, but I think for a reunion project all members should be involved. No Fergie was not there for the first six or so years, but from then on she was. Time moves on and artists go their separate ways, but I really wish they’d all join for one more track.

As for new music stated:

I don’t want to call them albums, but we’ll have some experiences and a bunch of stuff to get the #PeaBodies and the folks that supported us and got us to this point,” he explained. “So we’ll make music for them and we’ll just reflect on the dream. The initial dream we had, June 1995.

Well the new music is on its way I suppose. Who knows if Fergie will be a part of the complete project or not. Time  will tell. In the meantime, check out ‘Awesome’ below.

One thought on “Black Eyed Peas Reemerge Without Fergie

  1. I love all four of them together, but I can also see how they want to get back to the original roots that started this group. I found the video quite entertaining and love that they included all of the actresses they did. I was not expecting that since it is a NBA promo. I have the same feelings as you do. I want one more track with all four of them.

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