Video Review: Janelle Monáe x Jidenna, ‘Yoga’

Janelle Monáe has returned with new music, but I am still high off her amazing video to ‘Electric Lady.’ Yeah that dropped last year, but it’s still one of my favorites. She’s taking her label, Wondaland, to the next level with new talent and a different look that fans of hers are not quite accustomed to. When she came on to the scene she was known for tuxedos and pinned up hair. It was a mystery as to why she didn’t show off her assets when clearly she wanted to be respected for her talent and not the stereotype placed on her being a female artist. What stereotype you must ask? The stereotype of having to go extremely pop and have minimal lyrics and concepts to get on the radio and get a buzz or have a rapper on your track and be half naked in a video. No shade to those that have done it, but that’s the stereotype that so many artists fall into. This time around with this track ‘Yoga,’ it’s a different side of Ms. Monae. A side that seems to be getting a lot of heat. Let’s get into the video review.

I didn’t blog about the song ‘Yoga’ when it was released simply because I wasn’t feeling it. I did enjoy ‘Classic Man‘ from her artist Jidenna, but I guess I wasn’t expecting the follow-up track to be so mellow. Then again, duh, check the title. The lyrics in the first verse are very suggestive with ode to the yoga terminology. This is not something Janelle usually sings:

Let yo booty do that yoga.

In the second verse she gets a bit more philosophical which really ties the track together. She’s singing about not being conformed to what and who people want you to be. It’s okay to have your own lane. It’s okay to “bend” and try things that are new, but never “break.” Top trending line:

You cannot police me, get off my areola.

As for Jidenna’s verse it gets no more suggestive tun that. He refers to the downward dog and insists on breaking in and stretching whatever lady. Pretty self explanatory.

tumblr_nmqslh4t2X1tg0kjio1_500As for the video it begins with Janelle in a Sukhasana pose. From there she gets into the music dancing in front of a mirror in ripped jeans, a cropped top, dope pinup into a fishtail braid and to top off the look a pair of heels. By the hook she’s doing a super chill two step, or as the modern day calls it, “swag surf.”

tumblr_nmrdj5TovK1r3ptbfo3_540By the second verse she’s in another cropped set, this time a white cropped holed sweater with white leggings, heels to match and a dope crown. Her backup dancers are swagged out as well with white crop tops, red leggings and matching red heels.

tumblr_nmtpx8k9531slx5bio1_500Switching to Jidenna he looks the same as he did in his cover art for ‘Classic Man’ and a part of me wonders if his attire will ever change into something other than the suit that makes every outfit of his look the same. He’s in a diner with two ladies serving him as he sings his lines. Then there’s a fan club outside the window who then burst into the diner which draws near to the end of the songs. Janelle rolls in and stands on the counter in her dope jacket and they hit that swag surf one last time for good measure. I love when the music stops, similar to the ‘Classic Man’ video they are really turning up and having fun.

It’s great to see this side of Janelle and that she’s more open to showing her sexuality and that she can get down too. She look absolutely beautiful, as always, but shows that a little bit of skin goes a long way. I’m excited to listen to The Eephus. A video makes a song and this track can be added to my rotation.

Check out the video below:

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