Original v. Cover [V.10]: Whitney Houston, ‘I Have Nothing’

If you were never vocally impressed by Ariana Grande, her cover of Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Have Nothing,’ will make you a believer.

I always thought she had a nice voice that could carry and hold long notes, but at times it was difficult to understand what the hell she was singing. Well amidst her little hug fest with Justin Bieber during a show for her “Honeymoon” tour, she broke into a Whitney Houston tribute that was one for the books. Hopefully Big Sean felt the emotion.

She glided through every note with ease, enunciated all the words, not too much to be ridiculous. Some artists try entirely too hard when they are covering a song. It’s like they’re trying to find the balance between making it their own yet not disrespecting the original. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. As for this rendition, it was an awesome, awesome, AWESOME cover. She slayed. It’s not often that I brag about a cover of a song. Hell, I haven’t really enjoyed a cover since Sam Smith covered ‘How Will I Know.’ Kudos to Ariana for this one. She did the track justice.

Listen to the original (live) and Ariana’s cover below:

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