Single Review: Rihanna, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’

R8 is coming, just not sure when. Rihanna has released a new single off her upcoming album, R8. She teased with the hashtag #BBHM, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ with an interesting picture. It’s edgy and what I suppose to be an edgy couture with the overdrawn eyebrows. Moving past that, let’s get back to the music.

Let me start off by saying that I’m still waiting for a single from her that will POP! I still don’t like ‘FourFiveSeconds’ and I’ve heard other music she’s teased on Instagram and her song for March Madness and the movie “Home,” but I’m not all that impressed. I was in LOVE with Unapologetic and I still play the album from time to time. It’s just so much teasing with this project that I don’t see the direction and I’m ready for the album already.

As for this track it’s the typical Rihanna swag. She talks that talk as usual and boasts that she’s richer than Lebron and how people bump to her and blah blah. The lyrics are repetitive and it’s nothing that interesting about it. I was expecting more. As for the beat that’s what will make it catchy. Regardless, this will make its way to radio in no time.

The track was produced by Deputy, a Roc Nation producer, and Kanye West. When I read about Kanye working on Rihanna’s album, I was not thrilled based off Kanye’s current state of sound. It’s clear to see the change in his career and I just don’t want the signature Rihanna swag to be altered. Of course with this album I expect ballads, but also the club bangers that she’s known for. What I don’t expect are tracks like ‘Where Have You Been’ or ‘We Found Love.’

After listening to the track a few times I could see it growing on me. I still want more and until I hear it, I’ll keep talking about it. No word on when R8 drops, but I’m still interested in hearing it. It’s been two years since her last album release so this one is long overdue. She’ll be performing it LIVE at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this Sunday, March 29th. Expect a performance review. Listen to the track below:


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