Empire Soundtrack

Empire_The-Soundtrack_FINALFox’s Empire has taken over and I’m clearly late to the party. In a little over two months, Empire has shut TV down on Wednesday nights and for those on Instagram the hashtags are always in full effect. I’ve caught up on the season and the two-hour finale airs tonight (3/18). In celebration of the finale and the success of the show, I wanted to share my favorites from the soundtrack.

The soundtrack was released last week (3/9) and features 18 tracks. It has topped the Billboard 200 surpassing Madonna ‘s latest, Rebel Heart. Its the first time a TV soundtrack has done this well since Glee had 3 top the charts in 2010. Of course Terrence Howard, Jussie Smolett (Jamal) and Yazz (Hakeem) are featured along with Jennifer Hudson, Estelle, Mary J. Blige, and others.

As for my favorites:

  • ‘Drip Drop’
  • ‘Good Enough’
  • ‘Conqueror’
  • ‘You’re So Beautiful’

‘Drip Drop’ is the track that really got me interested in the show. It’s so catchy and I find myself singing it random times of the day. I’m interested in seeing how the music will evolve over the next season and what other celeb will pop up.

Listen to the Soundtrack below (via Spotify):

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