Trinidad James Remixes ‘Uptown Funk’

wpid-wp-1426476486885.jpegDon’t believe me just watch

That can be heard at the end of the hook in ‘ Uptown Funk’, but the first to say it was Trinidad James in his smash and one hit wonder, ‘All Gold Everything’.

Now Trinidad James jumped on in the beginning and was rapping about this and that. He spit bars in reference to Def Jam dropping him. A slight diss not diss. He aLao referenced Rick James, MC Hammer, and he even mentioned Beyonce wanting him. Yeah, in doubt that. I mean his bars at the end could’ve been better. The best he came up with was

Got a brand new cape, hallelujah. Got a brand new cane, hallelujah.

My favorite line:

I’m Jeromey Rome with a Gina and Pam

The song resumed after his part which usually happens when an artist unofficially jumps on a track. This wasn’t the kind of song that needed a remix because it is classic as is. I know why he jumped on I mean people were saying his punchline for the longest.

Was his remix horrible? No. Was it needed? No.

Listen to the remix below:

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