Single Review: Kelly Clarkson, ‘Invincible’

kelly-clarksonKelly Clarkson has teamed up with Sia for the latest single off her upcoming album Piece by Piece. The track is titled ‘Invincible’ and it’s not as bubbly as ‘Heartbeat Song’ (click HERE for that review).

This track speaks to once being broken, but now being stronger than ever. The broken part of life was really nonexistent and now that it’s realized there’s nothing you can’t face. The concept of the track is one that is produced over and over, but its the artists execution that will make the track stand out. I enjoyed Kelly’s vocals on this one, but it was the music that I had an issue with.

The music was really loud compared to the vocals of Kelly. She wasn’t completely drowned out, but during the hook she nearly was. Lyrically I wanted more being that it was written by Sia. It was  bit too repetitive for me, but then again that’s how tracks get embedded into the brain and become catchy. This track is interesting as it would fit perfectly on Sia’s upcoming album, This Is Acting, but could also fit as a release from Sia herself. Sia also wrote another song for Kelly’s album titled, ‘Let The Tears Fall,’ which I can’t wait to hear.

The track is nice, but again the music was a bit too loud for me in certain spots. It’s like boom and then it quiets down again. Piece by Piece is available for purchase in stores/online tomorrow, March 3rd.

Listen to the track below:

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