Single Review: Tamia, ‘Sandwich and a Soda’

Tamia-Sandwich-and-a-Soda-2015-1200x1200-300x300Tamia is back with new music following her 2012 single, ‘Beautiful Surprise,’ which I absolutely loved. She’s taking a more sensual approach along with an interesting title on her latest track, ‘Sandwich and a Soda.’

The lyrics are pretty clever, but I still don’t like the title of the track. That’s what turned me off about the song initially was the title being so basic. Other than that the lyrics are pretty interesting. If you were lost as to what she was singing about, the hook says it all:

If you wanna ride these curves
Hop in your Chevvy nova
And if you wanna drive with nerve
Baby I’m gon’ be your choffeur
See I can make you feel good
And when it’s all over
I’mma fluff your pillow baby
Bring you a sandwich and a soda

It seems that with the title that they ran out of words to say. Everything was smooth and slick then out of all the things that could rhyme with over they put in sandwich and soda. Other than that the lyrics are pretty substantial it’s just that sandwich and soda I can’t seem to get over.

Vocally she sounds amazing and after 20 years in the game, her voice is still as classic as the first time I heard it. Her voice stays pretty neutral throughout the entire song until the end where she she gradually reaches a higher pitch. Compared to her previous single where she had falsetto throughout the whole track, this is a really comfortable track and I’d love to hear it live. It also makes sense for her voice to be be as low as it is with this being a seductive song.

Overall the song is not what I was expecting for a Tamia comeback. The beat is radio friendly because real R&B doesn’t exist on the radio anymore. At first I didn’t like the track, but the more I listen to it the more it grows on me. I’m still trying to pin point what the beat reminds me of.

Tamia recently signed to Def Jam and her new album, LoveLife, is set to be released sometime in June. Listen to ‘Sandwich and a Soda’ below:


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