Single Review: Jidenna, ‘Classic Man’

Jidenna-Classic-Man-2015-1200x1200-300x300I stumbled across this track as I’m always looking for new content to review on the blog. I read that Janelle Monaè would be releasing a new EP titled, The Eephus and that one of the tracks would be ‘Classic Man’, Jidenna featuring Roman GianArthur. Both artists are featured on . I love Janelle Monáe’s sound and with this being her label and artists she chose I expect great music.

The song doesn’t sound as original as I thought it would be as far as sound nor lyrically. He’s singing about being a “classic man” and from the video compared to this day in age he’s an old soul. He’s clean cut opposed to his pants being sagged below his butt. The sound is no leap of faith into something new, but its safe to get a buzz and get noticed.

Getting back to the lyrics, he sings about being a classic man, but the lyrics are just catchy and in certain areas I really didn’t know what was being sung. He’s singing about being that guy that everyone loves and wants to be and the ladies want to be with him. Sounds like other songs I’ve heard except he’s not rapping, not as much cursing, and he’s smoother with the lingo.

Vocally while he’s said to be sining it’s more auto tune behind that and I would like to hear what both men have to offer vocally. Janelle Monàe has a beautiful voice and I really want to hear if these two can sing a ballad. Overall I really like the track, but it’s nothing that’s really innovative. It’s catchy though. I’m still interested in hearing the EP and the upcoming track he has with Janelle titled Yoga.’ Well, I’m more so interested in whether it will be upbeat or a slow jam.

As for the video it’s very reminiscent to me of the party scene in The Great Gatsby except with an urban feel. Check out the video below:

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