Single Review: Ciara, ‘I Bet (Acoustic)’

Ciara is back with a  new track, ‘I Bet,’ that speaks to her relationship with Future. They had a public relationship, were engaged, and have a son. This song is clear that the breakup is official and that there was infidelity.

The song is very nice in the acoustic version as I only heard a snippet of the studio version. The song is about being with someone that you thought were the one yet they are off doing whatever with the “plastic” chick. You go out and about around town thinking everything is okay then there’s someone staring you down as if you stole what is theres when you think that it’s yours. In the end you’re hurt because things didn’t pan out how you expected. You thought you found Mr. Right, but you’re back to searching for someone who can do you better than your ex.

The acoustic version is better in my opinion than the studio version, but the studio version throws so much shade at Future. There’s this dude in the background with his voice so if you though the song wasn’t about him and their relationship, you’re wrong. The ending lyrics really stood out to me that while she’ll look to find someone else to treat her better she’s still hurt.

Right now, it’s killing me
Cause now I have to find someone else
When all I wanted was you

Musically I automatically got an Usher, ‘U Got It Bad,’ vibe with the hook. The way that the words are sung reminds me of Usher’s hook and the way he sang it. The beat could make it to the radio, but the radio isn’t R&B friendly. For Ciara to comeback on to the scene she can keep the love ballads, but she’s going to have to go back to the basics with her dancing tracks.

This track reminds me of when she broke up with Bow Wow and she had the songs ‘My Love’ and ‘So Hard’ on The Evolution. That also penned a radio smash ‘Like a Boy.’ Her last album, Ciara, didn’t have all that great of a buzz minus the lead track ‘Body Party’ (click HERE for that review) and I didn’t listen to it in its entirety, but I wonder if this will be a complete heartbreak album.

Listen below:

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