Video Review: Chris Brown x Tyga, ‘Ayo’

Chris-Brown-x-Tyga-AYO-2015-1200x1200-300x300Chris Brown and Tyga will be releasing the follow-up to their 2010 mixtape, Fan of a Fan, but instead of Fan of a Fan 2 mixtape, it will be an actual album. No special name for the album just, Fan of a Fan: The Album. I did enjoy their mixtape and ‘Deuces’ was a huge success and I also loved Tyga’s flow on ‘I’m So Raw.’ This time around I’m not sure how the music will sound as both artists have grown over the past 5 years. I’m not really feeling this single and as for the video, I wasn’t expecting much.

So the concept of the video from the beginning is a battle between Chris and Tyga of who has the most outlandish possessions, to put it nicely. Chris Brown takes a pic of a money pool and sends it to Tyga while switching to Tyga receiving the picture as his throne toilet is being put in along with a tiger strolling around his house. The beat drops and it the concept gets even more sporadic from there.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

There’s no scene of Tyga on his “throne”, but Chris is floating around on a gold bed with chicks floating around him. They do pay homage to ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.’ I see Chris as Diddy with the over the top dancing and Tyga would be Mase. Similar attire, just no metallic sweat suits. There’s also a scene with the two sitting in what appears to be Tyga’s house, Tyga’s rapping and girls are fencing behind them. Then there’s a typical Cali scene with bikes in the back and more chicks and more cars. Chris sings exactly what the video is about, both him and Tyga being bougie. That’s their style.

Other scenes included the two racing each other, Fast & Furious scene, and to add foolery to the foolery, Mike Epps makes a cameo. I do find it funny that he called Tyga, tigger, and that he called both of them light skin Bruno Mars (bleep). There was even not to Chris’ recent jail stint and how he needs to be serving community service. The video ends with the two dancing on top of the building in fur coats and final scene is Mike Epps tracking them down. Thank goodness there was no “To Be Continued…”

Overall the video is what I would expect from Chris Brown and Tyga. Chris Brown could come up with some creative stuff, but they’re rapping about chicks and what not and it’s really the two of them just stunting against each other. I mean I guess it’s better than the generic club concept, but it was a lot going on.

Fan of a Fan: The Album is set to be released February 24th with 12 tracks and features from Ty Dolla Sign, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Schoolboy Q and more. The two will hit the road along with Trey Songz on the ‘Between the Sheets Tour’ once Chris Brown has completed his community service.

Check out the video below:

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