Single Review: Imagine Dragons, ‘Shots’

107048w550I absolutely loved Imagine Dragons’ debut, Night Visions (click HERE for review), and I’m excited that a new album is on the way. The first single released off their upcoming album, Smoke + Mirrors, was Gold followed by ‘I Bet My Life.’ That track in particular has grown on me especially since it’s in the Jeep commercial. Out of the three singles released so far ‘Shots’ is my favorite.

From ‘I Bet My Life’ to ‘Shots,’ the themes seem similar as they are apologetic. ‘I Bet My Life’ is an apology for not listening to the person that was always there yet you left them alone even though you knew they had your best interests in mind.  In ‘Shots’ the lyrics are apologizing to a lover for doing them wrong and wanting them yet knowing you’re not good for them. It really doesn’t even have to be a lover it’s just really pushing people away and ruining what could’ve been. The lyrics are pretty easy to keep up with and sing along to because they’re not that complex.

Musically, the beat is infectious and reminds me of Coldplay. I really, really enjoy the music of this and could listen to that by itself. That’s one thing in particular that makes a song for me is being able to listen to the music and lyrics separately. Sometimes I get lost in the beat and could care less about the lyrics, but I really enjoy both separately. The beat adds a radio friendly fare to a song that could have been a ballad. This song could be slowed down in an acoustic version and sound just as amazing based off the lyrics. The music adds a carefree sound to lyrics that are a bit deeper. I would love to hear this song live.

It’s a great track that goes well with ‘I Bet My Life’, as noted, but with a track like ‘Gold’ I can tell there will be versatility on the album. I’m excited and I can’t wait to review it. I was late on the Imagine Dragons train with Night Visions, but this time I’m ready for their new material.

Smoke + Mirrors is available for preorder and will be released February 17th (expect a review). Listen to the track below plus check out the album trailer:


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