Sunday Rant (V.15): Super Bowl XLIX

Compared to last years Super Bowl BLOWOUT in Jersey, (click HERE for my review) I was excited for this years game because the competition was beyond evident. Before I get into the my review, CONGRATS TO JEROME BETTIS! He’s on his way to being enshrined in football history as a member of the 2015 Hall of Fame Class. #GoSteelers #Steelernation.

Continuing with the congrats, CONGRATS to the New England Patriots. No I’m not a fan of the team, but that was one hell of a game.

As for the pre-game festivities John Legend sang ‘America the Beautiful’ and did an amazing job, as always. I loved him. Idina Menzel sang the national anthem. She did nice for an a cappella rendition.

The Patriots got the ball first and I see the first quarter as a test of both teams, especially in the Super Bowl just to see where everyone is and to get the jitters out. That’s where players get into their groove/rhythm. Then it happened, under two minutes in the 1st Brady throws a interception to Jeremy Lane right outside the Patriots in zone. What could’ve been a TD wasn’t. Bittersweet gain for the Seahawks because Lane went out with an injury, wrist to be exact, and didn’t return. Yet another injury to the already injure filled Seahawks. The 1st ends with no score.

I got more anxious during the second half for the halftime show. First score of the game goes to Patriots with a TD. Nice grind to the in zone no crazy pass to in zone. After back and forth play and squabbles from the players, Lynch gets a TD for the Seahawks. Tie game. With a little over 2 minutes left in the first half the Pats get the ball.  They get a TD leaving 31 seconds on the clock for the Seahawks. I didn’t expect the Seahawks to do much with that time, but that’s what timeouts are for. With 6 seconds left they get a TD tying the game 14014 into the half. Awesome play

It wouldn’t have been a game though without talking about the ‘Deflate-gate fiasco.’ On going case or not, the Patriots still made it to the Super Bowl and the team isn’t losing any accolades, just being fined if proven guilty. Oh the politics.

HALFTIME — Click HERE for my FULL Review. Let’s just say, it didn’t live up to what I expected.

The Seahawks came out with a  boom in the second half of the game, but that energy only resulted in a field goal. Hey, points are points. Time goes on, I wasn’t paying much attention, and then BOOM Brady throws another interception. Similar to that of the first one, another Seahawks player hurt. They made up for not getting a TD int he first half of the quarter to executing a beautiful pass yet they got a celebratory penalty. Man I miss the over the top touch down celebrations. 24-14. As the Seahawks punted with 1:03 left in the 1st the Patriots really needed to execute as they were down by 10.

Entering the 4th quarter, the Pats were still down by 10. They stop the drive of the Seahawks, but had trouble getting into the in zone. With 8 minutes left Brady gives a great pass to Amendola making the score 24-21. Much better differential with the time dwindling away. The Patriots really started to bring down the clock as they kept driving to the in zone. The tactic in bringing down the clock is smart as the team can score and leave less time for the other team to execute. A field goal would tie the game and a TD would put hem up by 4, 5 with a 2 point conversion. The conversion would be risky. Pats execute right outside the 2 minute warning with  TD. Pats up 28-24.

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN! In the last 2 minutes of this back and forth game the Seahawks get the ball with 2:02. Wilson drives his team to the in zone with a few close calls along the way. This spot was in the favor of the Seahawks as they could really run the time down making it difficult for the Patriots to score. Amazing play as the Pats tried to deflect the ball yet the Seahawks obtain what could’ve been a pick. Then it happened. As the Seahawks could have went into the in zone, Malcolm Butler of the Patriots intercepts the ball with 20 seconds left on the clock. Clean interception. There’s the game. Of course a fight would break out. Seahawks clearly mad they lost.

Was my pick right? Well I chose the New England Patriots so yeah I was right. That play at the end sealed the deal. The real MVP is Malcolm Butler for that play.

As a Jersey native it’s interesting that another storm is coming the day after the Super Bowl for the 2nd year in a row. Could it be a new trend? Until next year…

Congrats again to the New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLVI CHAMPIONS!!!

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