First Impression #9: Tarte ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ and ‘Power Pigment’

0131151421_2I previously reviewed the Too Faced products that I received in the Sephora, ‘Give Me More Lip’ set (click HERE for that post). This time around I’m reviewing both the Tarte ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ and ‘Power Pigment.’ Both of the products are similar in application as they are both lip crayons. The LipSurgence is smaller while the pigment is longer and thinner. Still the products are similar.

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

The ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ comes in a regular and matte form, both costing $24 and can be purchased HERE. There are six regular shades and the shade that I received was ‘Moody’ which is described as a “deep berry,” I can see why it is described as such, but it’s not that deep. The color itself before application is a deep berry. So, if you’re looking for the shade to apply on your lips as it looks then you’d be disappointed. When applying this lippie opposed to the other,  I did feel a tingling sensation on my lips which indicated hydration, The color is a very nice berry that is buildable, but not to the point of the color being too much, I love an apply and go lip and this is definitely one. The size is 0.6 oz. which is great for a sample size, Love this product, but I’m not interested in any of the other shades nor the price tag.

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

0131151418a_2-1-1Next up is the ‘Power Pigment’ which is available in eight shades, costs $24 and can be purchased HERE. The set gave not the sample size in the shade of “Flush,” but the actual size of 0.06oz. That’s a lot of product and similar to the lip tint it reminds me of a lip crayon and lives up to the name of the product being a ‘Power Pigment’. Compared to the tint there is a lot more color and the clot is described as a “sheer berry”. I really don’t see it as that. To me it’s a cross between a pink and a berry. I do like this product and I keep it in my purse (click HERE to see what else is inside my lippie bag). I applied to much pressure when applying and broke off the tip, womp womp, BUT it still glides on with no problem, While the shades are limited in this product as well, I would like to try out: ‘Natural Beauty’. Points for the packaging. It’s super cute.

I think these products are great for apply and go, but the shade variation is limited. For $24 for as little product as you’re getting just isn’t worth it for me. I know that these products can last quite some time, but they’re nothing I would stock up on. It was nice to be included in the set, especially the full size of the ‘Power Pigment,’ but outside of the set I would not purchase. The shades just don’t stand out to me. Nice product and application? Yes. Worth the money? No,

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