Super Bowl XLIX: My Pick

Well the playoffs are officially over and the New England Patriots (AFC) will be facing the defending champions, Seattle Seahawks (NFC), in Super Bowl XLIX LIVE from the Phoenix Statdium (AZ) February 1st.

The pro bowl is next week and that’s one thing about football I could care less about. I can’t wait to hear the new inductees into the Hall of Fame as Jerome Bettis is a finalist yet again.

From what I saw today in the games the Seahawks have a comeback spirit beating the Packers 28-22 in OT while the Patriots are the Patriots. To be honest I wasn’t interested in the Seahawks/Packers game, but I did catch the end and the drive the Seahawks made to get back on top. Packers tied with a field goal, but Russell Wilson’s drive in overtime sealed the deal. Kudos to them.

As for the Patriots/Colts game I never counted the Colts out, but I also know how the Patriots are. They did not disappoint their fans and they are on their way to the Super Bowl, yet again. Their last Super Bowl appearance was in 2007 when they lost to the Giants. Well if they play in the Super Bowl like they did today, Tom Brady could very well retire with his 4 rings and drive off into the sunset. Not saying that he’s retiring, but it could be the icing on the cake to one hell of a career. As for today, they slaughtered the Colts, 45-7.

So when it comes down to it, my pick for Super Bowl XLIX are the New England Patriots. I’m not a fan of the team at all, but they are on one hell of a roll and are a complete package. From defense to offense they tore apart the Colts and not that the Seahawks won’t put up a challenge, I just think the Patriots could take this one. They’ve had a great season. Best of luck to both teams.

b3lp-nxiyaaqese-jpg-largeI’m exited for the Halftime Show with Katy Perry headlining. She has great music, but songs I expect to hear are:

  • ‘Firework’
  • ‘Roar’
  • ‘California Gurls’
  • ‘Dark Horse’
  • ‘Last Friday Night’

I’m interested in seeing what her set will look like as she’s no stranger to quirky shows. Bruno Mars set a record last year, could Katy top that?Check out my review of last years Super Bowl and Halftime Show HERE and HERE.

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