Rant: NFL Wildcard Picks

I have blogged numerous times about my LOVE for football. I love everything about the sport and my favorite team the PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!! #SteelerNation

Anywho,it’s that time of year again. The road to the Super Bowl. I wanted to get my picks/predictions in for the Wildcard Round. I wasn’t consistent during the season in posting, but I will be for the Wildcard and so on. In the meantime check out my Super Bowl review and Halftime review HERE and HERE(thanks in advance). DISCLAIMER: I am no sports guru. These are just my picks that I wanted to share.

So today (1/3), for the NFC it’s the Arizona Cardinals v. Carolina Panthers. I’m very shocked with the success of the Arizona Cardinals. They haven’t had the best of luck in previous years and haven’t been to the playoffs since 2009. I’m more shocked with Carolina Panthers making the playoffs with a record of 7-8-1. That’s basically what the Steelers finished with for past two seasons, 8-8. That just goes to show that their division sucks. I’ve heard what others think and a lot think the Panthers could pull this off, With 4 straight wins, it’s clear as why critics would rally behind the Panthers. Still, I’m going with the Cardinals. They’ve had one hell of a season and I’m pretty sure they can take out the Panthers. Their biggest downfall, a third string QB.

For the AFC we have my team, Pittsburgh Steelers v. Baltimore Ravens. To be honest, the Steelers could very well lose in the divisional round, BUT to lose tonight would be a nightmare. To lose to a rival such as the Ravens would be a kick to the face like Antonio Brown did to the Cleveland Brown player at the beginning of the season, As for tonight, I have faith in my team to WIN! Yes, Le’Veon Bell has been ruled out, BUT the defense needs to put in work. Such as those picks McCain got last week to win the AFC North.

Also, if Antonio Brown has yet another stellar game we can win. In looking at the scores from both games in this rival this season they beat us by 20 the first time (26-6) and we beat them the second time around by 20 (43-23). A game like this one is not going to be high scoring. This is going to be a tough, hard-hitting game. I really wish Bell was in, but I’d rather he’d be on the sidelines getting healthy for the next game. I’m going with my team of course! If the defense does is on point like it has been, we can definitely stop the scoring of the Ravens. #LETSGOSTEELERS

Tomorrow (1/4) there’s another set of games. First up from the AFC, we have the Cincinnati Bengals v. Indianapolis Colts. This would’ve been a game that I would’ve dreaded as my boyfriend is a Colts fan. Thankfully we’re the AFC North Champs. Also, we beat the Colts this season. This game could really go either way. The Bengals have shocked me to have made it this far, They’ve played great this season, but they didn’t beat us once. The Colts swept through the AFC North, and beat the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals. They could beat the Bengals again unless the Bengals have a stellar game like they did against the Broncos. Of course I’m going to go against the team in my division. So, I’m going with the Colts on this one.

Lastly, the Detroit Lions v. Dallas Cowboys. Let me just say, I’m going with the Lions because I don’t want the Cowboys advancing. The more they advance the closer they get to the Super Bowl if they were to get to the Super Bowl and WIN they would TIE for 6 rings with the Steelers and I don’t like the thought of that. It came close when the 49ers were in the Super Bowl and that was the ONLY time I’ve ever rooted for the Ravens to win. The Cowboys are having one hell of a run, but the Lions aren’t too shabby. An 11-5 season versus a 12-4 season, This will be a great game. Plus, Ndamukong Suh will be playing and I’ll be watching.Crossing my fingers that the Lions win. The Cowboys very will could win, but I’ve stated why I don;t want them to.

Well there’s my picks. To advance I pick Cardinals, Steelers, Colts, and Lions. Realistically It could be Panthers, STEELERS, Bengals, and Cowboys. My reality could be the actual results, but regardless I’m going with the STEELERS! (lol)

Most teams in the Wildcard finished 11-5. The worst record in the Wildcard goes to the Panthers, but hey they made it. The Ravens barely got in, but the Steelers are always ready to battle. Out of the wildcard it’s AMAZING that three teams from the AFC North are in. That just goes to show the division isn’t sucky after all. At one point the Browns even had a chance. Maybe next year.

Good luck to all the teams. I’ll post the results Sunday night in another Rant.

Until next time…

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