Motivational Monday (V.17): 8 Things to Give Up

I came across this list on Instagram and as 2015 is right around the corner, literally, I had to do one more Motivational Monday before the year was over. This year for me has been a journey as I’ve changed platforms of my blog and created new content aside from music. While creating new content wasn’t that hard, it became a bit overwhelming as I took on the challenge to blog every single day. Well, I failed at that, BUT I will say I accomplished about 75% of that. My new adventure of grad school took over and between that and reviewing I but blogging on the back burner. In addition I had to part with my high school graduation present, my 2000 VW Jetta and I had to get a new car. I won’t lie, I was attached to my Jetta, but I knew that I couldn’t keep putting money into a lemon. With all the challenges I’ve faced this year they really are just adjustments to my life; adjustments to my usual routine. Enough of me rambling, let’s get into the list.

Screenshot_2014-12-20-14-02-03-1 When listing my flaws in each of these area’s I’ve grouped them into three categories.

  1. Doubt & Fear (#1, #3, #6, #7) I procrastinated entering grad school when I graduated undergrad in 2013 because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I though that in a year I’d have it all figured out, but in reality I didn’t. I still don’t know exactly what my path is, but I have to act on my dreams instead of being afraid of whether I will succeed or not.
  2. Negativity (#2, #4, #5) There’s so much negativity in the world that as people we need not burden ourselves with negative talk. Whether it being bringing yourself down or bringing others down in an attempt to make yourself feel better. I plan to go into the new year with a more positive attitude. Try writing down a positive note a day whether it be a word or a couple sentences.
  3. People Pleasing (#8) This ties in both categories discussed above as people change who they are and who they want to be in fear of not being accepted by others. Just like it’s easy for you to bring someone down someone can do the same thing back to you when they are intimidated by the possibility of you achieving something they would not, could not, or did not. Stop trying to please others and work on being a better you. People that genuinely care for you and your future will stay. Those that don’t are just lessons that pass by.

To pretty much sum it up:


I hope that I have been able to shed light on not only my personal experiences, but offer some advice along the way throughout my Motivational series here on the blog. Here’s to more in 2015. Catch up with previous posts by clicking HERE.

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