EP Review: NWA.HollywoodDreams.Coffee

homepage_large.df54503cMiguel is BACK with new music and as a fan I am extremely excited. Now this mixtape does not have a formal name it’s just the tracks all put together. Let’s get into the review.

‘NWA’ (feat. Kurupt)

This track is very Miguel-esqe with the lyrics and musically it sounds like a modern western. Kurupt does not take away from the song and his flow adds a nice element to it. Sometimes when a rapper comes in on a track they can overdo it, but this vibe is very nice. It’s very modern for times, but still infusing that rock soul.


I really love the vibe of this one. He keeps the guitars playing in this one, but slows down just a bit. Lyrically compared to ‘NWA” the concepts are similar except with this one he’s more metaphoric in what he’s singing. He was cocky in the first track, but in this one he’s singing not only about duh the title of the song, Hollywood dreams, but it’s like a toned down version of still what he can do for her, but also what they can do together. Nice.


This track is my favorite out of the 3. The beginning and repetition of lyrics reminds me of the beginning of ‘Adorn’. Lyrically it’s another song for the ladies and is just so mellow. That’s one thing that I love about Miguel’s sound. It’s so chill and something that you ride out to solo or with your love. The music is powerful and the smoothness of his voice just balances everything out. This track is definitely one I’d love to ride out to in a drop top.

I had to listen to this EP a few times before giving my review. I wasn’t interested when I first listened to NWA, but after listening again and getting into all the tracks I really wish there was more. Again Miguel has to tease with just 3 tracks similar to that of Art Dealer Chic. That spawned Kaleidoscope Dream (CLICK HERE for that review) and i can’t wait to see what else he has in store for 2015. I absolutely love his vibe and voice. Thumbs up to this EP.

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