The Pinkprint Movie Review

tumblr_ngv439JpRS1sghqy6o1_1280Nicki Minaj has been in full promo mode with her new album, The Pinkprint, and she’s released a mini-movie. The 16 minute video features an intro of ‘All Things Go’ before splitting into three parts for tracks: ‘The Crying Game’, ‘I Lied’, and ‘Grand Piano’.

‘The Crying Game’ is her getting into a fight with her boyfriend (or whatever),Willy Monfret ,after a night out.That green dress she has on looks great. She leaves him standing there as the video shows her driving around in her Range Rover, tears shed hear and there. Ladies in a relationship can understand getting into a fight and driving around in your feelings. You’re driving, but you’re still in your feelings not really paying attention. The track abruptly ends when Nicki’s truck is hit on the passenger side.

I was expecting part 2, ‘I Lied’, to show that she was in a hospital or something, but she ended up in the back of a car driven by Boris Kodjoe. This song is showing another side of Nicki as she sings more than she raps. It’s showing that she doesn’t want to move on because of what she’s previously dealt with, but that’s all lies. It’s just a way of protecting herself from being hurt again. She gets the little butterfly stitch and she casually gets semi-intimate with “the other guy” that seems to care.

Part 3, ‘Grand Piano’, shows Nicki in a red dress and back with her boyfriend. They are out somewhere as people stop and stare and look at them. The video fits well with the lyrics of the song. Another one of Nicki singing. People look on knowing how the guy treats her yet she stays. Most importantly, she stays. So he plays her heart like a grand piano and she says play on. It ends with her driving off with him in a fancy car with “the other guy” looking on. I guess she made her decision.

I’m very impressed and I love that it’s not all over the place. There’s a theme to it and all three songs are amazing. My favorite out of the three is ‘Crying Game’. Full review of The Pinkprint coming soon.

Spare 16 minutes below:

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