Single Review: Madonna x Nicki Minaj, ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’

1328541755_nikki-minaj-madonna-560I have been reading on various sites online that new Madonna music is coming and here is proof of that. Madonna is teaming up with Nicki Minaj for yet another track this time it’s titled, ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’. The two previously teamed up for “Give Me All Your Luvin” with M.I.A. when Madonna did halftime at Superbowl XLVI (2012).  I love the title  of the track first off because Madonna is that bitch.

Ok aside from Madonna being as great as she is when I first heard this track I was like eh. It sounded very kiddie. Her return reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s simply because I of course am expecting more. Then that beat drop and I could see this hitting the airwaves simply because of the EDM feel. With that beat dropping I expect some dope choreo in the video. Only time will tell for that.

I love Nicki’s flow on this one and it works because with a title like this you can only come on the track and talk shit. I love how versatile Nicki is whether people like her for her pop or hip hop. She’s good at what she does. The track overall is cool. Cool as in tolerable to listen to. I’m interested in hearing what else she’s going to bring to the table in 2015.

madonna-rebelheartThis track will be featured on Madonna’s upcoming album, Rebel Heart, expected to be released March 20, 2015. It is available for pre-order on iTunes and upon pre-order you will receive five other tracks in addition to this one: ‘Living for Love’, ‘Devil Pray’, ‘Ghosttown’, ‘Unapologetic Bitch’, and ‘Illuminati’. The album will consist of 19 tracks. None of the names for the other tracks are available except for one to be titled ‘Joan of Arc’. From the snippets available on iTunes, I love  ‘Living for Your Love’.

You do not need to pre-order the album to get any of the six tracks, they are also available for separate purchases.

CLICK HERE to pre-order & listen to the track below:

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