MMF Flashback — Destiny Fulfilled


I paid homage to Destiny’s Child sophomore album, The Writings on the Wall, as it was 15 years since its release. That album was released in 1999 and was followed by 2001s Survivor . The trio went on to do solo work and reformed in 2004 coming back with a smash ‘Lose My Breath’. Yes 10 years since their last album, time flies.

Destiny Fulfilled
was released November 10, 2004 and was the last solo album released by the trio. In addition to ‘Lose My Breath’ it spawned hits: ‘Soldier’, ‘Girl’, and ‘Cater 2 U’. From the 11 tracks, my top 3 are:

  • ‘Bad Habit’
  • ‘Through With Love’
  • ‘Lose My Breath’

Overall the album was a great return to music for the group following the success of Survivor. It gave the radio hits and ‘Lose My Breath’ was everywhere in sports whether it was at NFL’s Halftime Thanksgiving show (2004) NBA All Star Weekend (2005). Although they each had their separate success, I think that this album was the break they needed as solo artists to go in the direction they really wanted to. When looking at these performances versus what they are currently doing it’s night and day.

As a Destiny’s Child fan, it’s been a decade since they have released a full length album filled with all originals, and honestly I do not want a reunion. It’s great to hear them on each other’s albums every now and then and seeing them at the Superbowl was great, but if the album is to be rushed then I don’t want to hear it. Some things are better left ended than to reform and put out something that doesn’t feel or sound right. Maybe later down the road, maybe, there can be another reunion of a full length album in the studio, but for now it’s clear they are happy in their lives musically and personally. In the meantime, fans can reminisce over the hits.

CLICK HERE to purchase and listen below (via Spotify):


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