(insert Michael Jackson’s, ‘Thriller,’ followed by ‘Ghost Busters’)

While I don’t go all out for Halloween I decided to make a DIY costume since I’d be at work most of the day. In working with kids, my Ninja Turtle costume was a HIT! I, along with a couple coworkers, decided to be Niinja Turtles: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

Being that my name’s Lakia, I chose Leonardo. I bought a half yard of fabric for each color, I would recommend a full yard. Depending on which Ninja Turtle you would choose to be (and depending on your area), you can get you color of choice, plus the brown fabric for around $5. The turkey pan was purchased at Dollar Tree and I got the spray paint from Home Depot (the excess will be used for future DIYs). I painted the pan with about 3-4 coats of green and then went back adding brown here and there. I love the way it turned out. I tied the blue fabric around my knees and made a headband (armband not pictured; fell off somewhere). I did tied the kneepads into a bow for a ‘feminine touch.’ For the belt I has cut out cardboard circles (use a cereal box) and painted it brown and for each initial (M / L / R) I painted them in the color of that turtle. Just jeans and a green shirt to tie it all together. Oh and a pair of brown boots. The ‘abs’ are made out of fabric as well. Yes that’s a 4-pack instead of a 6-pack. Oh one last thing. I took a long roll (found at my job; a paper towel roll will do) and stuck it in the pan. Also to make the pain into a back pack I attacked fabric to top and bottom by punching a hole and double knotting it on both ends.

Check out the pics below along with the YouTube video I got my inspiration from:





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