Fashion Forward Friday [V.18]: Play Ball with Fanatics!

UntitledWell the World Series are underway and the series is tied 1-1 with the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals slated to play tonight 10/24 in game 3.  I am not a fan of either team so no bias when creating this look. I decided to go with the Royals. has a great selection for your game day attire and both the hat and shirt for this look are both from the site. The look I came up with is comfortable, trendy, and game worthy.


I decided to go with boyfriend jeans because not only are they flattering to any body type they are extremely comfortable. I would cuff the jeans and then pair them with a pair of converse. Maybe not the most comfortable sneaker, but they are a great addition to any wardrobe. Around my waist I would tie the plaid shirt. It just adds an extra element to the outfit and in addition to serving as an accessory if you did get chilly you could throw it on. It wouldn’t be a game without the teams attire. I chose one of the championship shirts because it’s a big deal to get to the World Series. The gold in the shirt ties in with the bag. Just a little detail. Also the basic Kansas City cap just ties it all together. Both the hat and the shirt are from Fanatics. No need to lug a huge purse. Crossbody bags are great for any time of outdoor event and even on the go. You can store your phone, a camera if you choose, and anything else you lug around.

I chose the pieces I did because not only are they comfortable, but they can transition to an array of other outfits. I wanted to do something different then the regular team t-shirt, hat, jeans, hoodie. This is just a little something extra to a traditional outfit.

Fanatics offers an array of sports attire from baseball to football, basketball, hockey, Nascar and more. Be sure to click all links in this post to check out what Fanatics has to offer.

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