Original v. Cover [V.8]: Adele, ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Adele’s 2011 smash hit and Grammy-winning track, ‘Rolling in the Deep’, can be quite a feat to cover. Adele has such a soulful voice and she glides over every note and word with ease. I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard her perform it back in March of 2011 and the album 21 is definitely a classic in the books. There have been many to cover the song including: John Legend, Glee, Linkin Park, and Celine Dion.

Let’s relive the classic below:

Soul legend, Aretha Franklin, took a stab at ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and it was not all that great for me personally. The beginning had me thinking that she’d nail it, but before it got to the hook it seemed all over the place. It’s as if she was straining to reach the high note. It continued on with the spotty high notes that sounded more like karaoke. I do like that this rendition segued into ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, but then that just lingered on for too long.

I know people might say that a cover is to made its own, as I state in a lot of my ‘Original v. Cover’, but some covers just don’t add anything to the song. This one for me was, eh.

This is not the only song Ms. Franklin will be covering. Her new album, Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, is set to feature covers of (click the links to hear the originals, minus ‘Rolling in the Deep’):

The album is set to be released October 21st via RCA Records.

Listen to Aretha’s rendition below:

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