DK3 – The Album

Danity-Kane-DK3-2014-1500x1500-Official-300x300I wrote about the beef within the remanding members of Danity Kane: Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex. It came down to a physical fight between the Dawn and Aubrey and it came down to Dawn vs. Aubrey & Shannon. As they were gearing up for this big return in a EDM filled music scene with catchy rap songs and heavy pop, it made me wonder if the girls would resurface as a threesome to begin with. Read more about the situation in my post, This Week In Music [V.20]: Musical Beef.

Here it is, over a month after the incident, and the album is set to be released. From the album cover that’s leaked, whether it’s official or unofficial along with the snippets it’s clear that Dawn was not scrapped from the project.

As a Danity Kane fan from the beginning I won’t lie and say that I’ve never wanted to see a reunion. I’ve watched the group come together from the Making the Band days, but the reunion I wanted was with all five. When pictures first leaked, yeah I was excited like other DK fans, but there was no D. Woods. Ok, cool the group is reuniting as a foursome. Then another bomb dropped and Aundrea was leaving to start a family. Looks like timing was never right. No D.Woods, no Aundrea, and fans really thought there’d be no more issues within the new Danity Kane, now DK3? With all the lineup drops, it seemed to good to be true and indeed it was.

It’s unfortunate what happened between the three remaining ladies as they are all grown women and any issues could have been resolved in a different way. Again, girls have fall into the stereotype of never ending drama and this situation is no different. There are two sides to every story and as both sides have been addressed up until now there was no word on the album. While Aubrey & Shannon are doing this for the fans, has Dawn been notified? Is she just finding out via social media like everyone else? Hopefully this gets sorted and fast or this can get really messy. It’s already messy and I’m really not interested anymore.

DK3 is ‘expected’ to drop October 28th. Pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon. Check out the track list below + snippets:

  1. ‘Rhythm of Love’
  2. ‘Lemonade’ (fea. Tyga)
  3. ‘All In a Day’s Work’
  4. ‘Rage’
  5. ‘Tell Me’
  6. ‘Two Sides’
  7. ‘Secret Love’
  8. ‘Roulette’
  9. ‘Pieces’
  10. ‘Bye Baby’

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