Video Review: August Alsina x Nicki Minaj, ‘No Love (Remix)’

Before I even get into the review, prayers to August Alsina as he passed out at his New York show () this past week. The latest update was that he was in ICU as he had suffered from seizures that were brought on by exhaustion and dehydration. He posted on his Instagram yesterday (9/19) a very graphic picture stating that he had been in a 3 day coma. Again, prayers for his speedy recovery.

Much success to August Alsina as he headlines his own tour, The Testimony Tour, titled after his debut and he will be hitting the road this fall with Usher for the ‘UR Experience’. After much anticipation and teasing for his video with Nicki Minaj, the video for the ‘No Love (Remix)’ has been released.

tumblr_nc2pp2aGxs1ra1m7qo1_500Moving on to the review, August drops off this girl before the video shoots to his love interest, Ms. Nicki Minaj. He ends up at the house with her. She plays in his hair, but ends up having his secret revealed as the other girl calls while he was taking a selfie with Nicki. He doesn’t ignore it, he gets up and answers it. He can’t deny what’s going on. I mean he has a picture for the girl in his phone. No he’s not involved in any way (sarcasm).

Then he ends up at a club with the girl Ariana. It wouldn’t be a video with a reference to ‘bandz’ WITHOUT a club scene. Nicki continuously calls, but of course with him in the club and creeping and he ignores them all.

tumblr_nbz4tdeJ1X1rnz1gso1_250Sidebar — Nicki’s white ensemble is super cute. While I love the caged metallic/silver vest it wasn’t needed in the outfit.

After the club Ariana calls again and he ends up looking through his camera roll at the pictures he had taken with Nicki. Boom, all is well, he floods the kitchen with roses with the message ‘All I Want Is You’. Hurray for love.

Overall, it’s a cute video. I hate videos all about the club, but this worked. Thumbs up for the story line.

Again prayers for August’s recovery.

Check out the video below:


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