Original v. Cover [V.7]: Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy’

Maroon 5 is flying high off the success of their latest album, V (CLICK HERE for review) and they have taken on a new challenge of covering Pharrell’s, Happy.

Let’s relive the original below:

Maroon 5 performed a cover of ‘Happy’ live on BBC Radio 1. While Adam Levine has a nice rang ego do something creative with such a happy go lucky track, I’m not a fan. I love how songs can be slowed down and how other artists make them their own. In this instance, the track being slowed down made the song more somber. Slowing the track down was like pretending to be happy. While I love Maroon 5, I would’ve liked to have heard a different song. It doesn’t sound horrible, it’s actually pretty relaxing, just not with ‘Happy’.

Check out their rendition below:

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