EP Review: Title

meghan-trainor-title-ep-cover-2Meghan Trainor‘s, ‘All About That Bass’ has made it’s way to mainstream and the top of the charts and while her buzz is hot she’s released her EP, Title. The EP was released September 9th via Epic Records and is available on Amazon & iTunes.

From ‘All About That Bass’, it’s clear that Meghan’s music style is that of the 60s; very Doo-Wop. Throughout the four tracks she’s singing about how she shouldn’t have to compromise over her size and how a man should treat her. Track-by-track review shall we:

  • ‘All About That Bass’ – I love the track after first seeing it on Facebook. I will say I thought it was like fan made, rather high quality one, that emphasized the beauty in all sizes. Then I saw it again and again and that’s when I discovered that Meghan Trainor is a signed artist. It’s very catch and the word play is very original. Great intro and at 20 years old it sure does make her friendly among teenagers.
  • ‘Title’ – I could definitely see this as a single because it’s still upbeat like her debut single and again the wordplay works. While she sings about a guy needing to claim her or else he can “kiss her ass goodbye”, lyrically I love that it’s saying what a lot of girls think except without the big words. Also who doesn’t love a rap break – “Look ma, no hands”. Very nice.
  • ‘Dear Future Husband’ – The way the track starts out you might think it’s a ballad. Then bring that beat in. Again with her wordplay it sounds like she’ll be singing so sweet, but she goes in to spill all of her thought to said her future husband. It’s not a male bashing song it’s actually emphasizing all that women do and that this is not old school. They’re both equal and she demands to be treated as such.
  • ‘Close Your Eyes’ – This is the only ballad out the four tracks and it’s very similar to that of ‘All About That Bass’ except with deeper lyrics and a slower beat. After hearing 3 upbeat tracks this might seem off, but it’s a beautiful song. — “Everyone’s born to be different. That’s the one thing that makes us the same.”

Overall I think this is a great introduction to her sound as she stays true and ‘All About That Bass’ is not a phase. She’s really singing about the same thing, but I really enjoyed all four tracks. I can’t wait to see where her career goes.

Listen to the EP below (via Spotify):

6 thoughts on “EP Review: Title

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about how Megan Trainor is anti-feminist and they all seem to reference the “skinny bitches” line. I don’t see her as anti-feminist, but what’s your take on it?

    1. I definitely don’t see her as an anti-feminist. She’s clearly speaking her mind which she’s entitled to do so. I know that a lot of people are sensitive about the “skinny bitches” line and take it to heart. I see her lyrics as a great play on words.

      1. I’m glad you feel that way. I don’t see her as anti-feminist either. It’s not anti-feminist to have insecurities about your body or to conquer those insecurities. That’s just human.

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