Motivational Monday (V.16): Life In My 20s


As my 23rd birthday is a month away (10.15) this quote really speaks VOLUMES to me. All my life I’ve thought I had it figured out. Go to college and get a job so you can pay back all those who helped you. Better yet, prove all those people wrong that have always given you a side eye or made some smart remark about your life. Seeing my younger siblings grow up makes me feel old, but again I am only 23. I should not have to worry about what my house is going to be. I should not have to to think about kids names, the school they’ll go to, friends they’ll meet. My problem has always been planning every little detail of my life and unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I’ve had to come to terms with letting things happen as they happen and to not be a stickler for perfection.

It makes me wonder why I’m not fully into my career. It makes me wonder why I went to college in the f first place. The perceived theory is that once you get a degree you automatically should have the ‘Gates of Employment’ opened to you. You should have that automatic job in the field you studied or something similar. Again, life doesn’t work that way.

Here I am working at a daycare center, trying to make ends meet, with a stack of loans. Aside from that I’ve taken on the trivial expenses of the unlimited cell phone plan, eating out with friends, and my new car. Well, I wouldn’t call the car trivial as I needed a new one as my 2000 VW Jetta had to be put to sleep. Before I further digress it makes me wonder just what am I doing with my life. A year post-graduation and I thought going back to school was what I needed to do. So here I am studying for my MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

If nothing else had made sense in my life I know that I am inspired by having something of my own. Some may call that always needing control or power, but I see it as no one knowing my vision except for me. Of course along the way I plan to collaborate with others which I have already begun to do. It’s great seeing others have a passion for what they do whether it’s the same interests as you or not.

As I am only 3 years into my 20s I can’t help but wonder and try to plan out the rest of my life, but for now I just focus on building my empire. I want to be able to publish books (fiction & self-help), a magazine, and really giving back. Aside from wanting a non-profit organization to raise awareness of lung cancer in memory of my mom, I want a one stop shop for youth and young adults to connect so that they’re not in the situation I’m in. People tell you all the time what to expect, but often the reality of life is sugar coated. I want to provide a place where people can build connections and jump start their careers and see that their is life in doing something you love and not settling for the corporate route. There’s life everywhere you turn and one should not be turned away from wanting to pursue higher education because of the fear of loans, etc.

While it’s great to think about my empire I also need to enjoy my life as there are people that have not lived to see 23 years. I cannot be more blessed and the greatest gift I could’ve ever received was creativity. To continuously make something out of nothing drives me daily. When it’s all over I want to look back and not be noticed for the amount of money, my losses, my degrees, but for me. I want to look back and know that I’ve helped people achieve their dreams as so many have helped me achieve mine. My 20s aren’t over, they’ve just begun.


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