Album Review: V (Deluxe Edition)

maroon 5 vMaroon 5 released their 5th studio album, V, September 2nd as the follow-up to their 2012 album, Overexposed (CLICK HERE for that review). features 12 tracks on the standard edition with lead singles: ‘Maps’, ‘Animals’, and ‘It Was Always You’. The deluxe edition features three additional tracks: ‘Shoot Love’, ‘Sex and Candy’, and ‘Lost Stars’ from Begin Again. 

The album is available online via iTunes ($9.99 standard; $12.99 deluxe), Amazon ($11.99; deluxe), and retailers Walmart and Target. There are various Walmart specials one in particular, the V ZinePak ($17.88), features two additional tracks, ‘Maps (Slaptop Remix)’ and ‘Maps (Remix)’ featuring Big Sean. Target retails the album for $19.99, deluxe, and $13.00 for the standard. You can catch them on sale for $14.99 and $9.99, respectively. As always, get the deluxe, it’s more for you buck.

Moving on to the review. I will say after listening to the album in its entirety I love it way more than I did Overexposed. I’ve been a Maroon 5 fan since I first heard ‘Harder to Breathe’. Read my Then & Now Thursday (V.): Maroon 5 for all my thoughts on my favorite band. I wasn’t a fan of Overexposed to be honest. It was just so much on that album that from first listen I could do without. Of course it spawned commercial hits, but that’s just it; Maroon 5 was commercial.

My Top 5:

  • ‘Maps’
  • ‘Animals’
  • ‘Leaving California’
  • ‘New Love’
  • ‘Feelings’

My favorite out of those 5 would have to be ‘Feelings’. I was expecting more of their collab with Gwen Stefani (track 11), ‘My Heart Is Open’. It has grown on me as I’ve listened to the album multiple times, but I was honestly expecting more. I was expecting an upbeat or hard hitting bass track similar to their collab with Chrisitna Aguilera. Not that upbeat, but again not a ballad. It’s not my favorite on the album.

Another track that caught me off guard was ‘Unkiss Me’. The beat reminded me of Usher’s, ‘Love In This Club’. It’s not a song that I would expect on a Maroon 5 album, but as the beat went on I started to get into it. Out of the three bonus tracks, while I do like ‘Lost Stars’ my favorite
is ‘Shoot Love’.

Lyrically the album is like a tit for tat of being in love. One minute he’s trying to get back with her (‘Maps’) then they’re head over heels for each other (‘Animals’) and they cement their love (‘It Was Always You’). Then he’s over the whole relationship (‘Unkiss Me’). So and and so forth. Whether the album was meant to be a story the tracks all connected in someway. Not including the bonus tracks.

Overall I give the album a 4/5. My favorite track from the entire album is ‘Feelings’ and I hope it’s released as a single which of course comes with a visual. I still can’t wait to see the visual for ‘Animals’. Aside from wanting to hear ‘Feelings’ on the radio I could see a push for ‘My Heart Is Open’, although ballads aren’t really played on the radio as much. I would also like to hear ‘New Love’ and ‘In Your Pocket’ (track 7) seems simple enough to be radio friendly.

Stream the album below (via Spotify):


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