Sia, ‘Chandelier’, Piano Version

PicMonkey CollageSia is giving fans a raw version of her smash, ‘Chandelier’, as it’s being re-released with just the piano. Oh how I love acoustic. The single was featured on her latest album, 1000 Forms of Fear.I think I love this version more due to all the emotions in this song. I would love to see another video for this, interpretive dance of course, as the video to the original version was amazing. Click the links below for my album review of 1000 Forms of Fear review plus the ‘Chandelier’ video review.

Co-writer, Jesse Shatkin. stated:

The result is one of Sia’s most full-bodied productions to date, equipped with a striding beat and something that sounds less like a traditional pop chorus than an explosive, off-the-walls exercise in vocal acrobatics that only Sia could ever pull off. It was one of the first things that I did with her. She’s just a phenomenal, mind-blowing talent and I was just so excited about it. And for it to be a single is crazy — a dream come true

sia-bigger-600If you never thought she could sing , you’re wrong and this version easily puts the track back in rotation for me. No matter how many times I ‘Chandelier’, I never get tired of it. Hearing this raw uncut version of the song really does add so much more emotion. The choreo in the first version was great, but it could get even darker interpretively with this acoustic version. No doubt it’s one of my favorites of 2014.

The track can be purchased via iTunes tomorrow, September 9th. Listen below:

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