Sunday Rant (V.13): Black & Yellow + Fantasy Football Picks

Let the Sunday Rants commence. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve just typed whatever, no holds barred, and with football season in full swing, it’s time for the weekly Sunday rants to continue. I’m no stranger to blogging about football, but I haven’t said anything since 2011. Let’s get back to it.

793346fb5af85a9eb06a3c2e6a3e4006First off, congrats to the Steelers winning today versus the Cleveland Clowns Browns (no shade, no shade; Nicki Minaj voice). I was very impressed with my team (#SteelerNation) after a horrid 8-8 season last year. I’m impressed with the entire NFL right now and the competition. I will get to that later. As the Steelers dominated in the first half, they did not score in the second half minus the last 5 seconds with Suisham getting the much needed winning field foal. The Steelers are off to a great start and there are a lot of young players, but the Browns gave us a run for our money. They slaughtered us in the second half. Thanks to flags being thrown here and there and the consistency in defense we wine by a hair. For the Steelers to be really effective we have to dominate throughout the entire game. The defense was much better than it has been. For a 0-4 pre-season, I’ll take a1-0 start as we face the Ravens this Thursday. Before I forget, highlight of the game… Antonio Brown’s dropkick to the Brown’s punter, Spencer Lanning. Boy the memes on Instagram are priceless.  Final score 30-27, Steelers win.

As for the other two in my division, Bengals v. Ravens, the Bengals topped the Ravens 23-16. As we face the Ravens Thursday, I can only hope that we can top them as well. The Bengals are definitely competition, but we won’t be facing them until December, the beginning and end.

The Steelers do not have an easy schedule and honestly no team does. Teams that you expect to win, lose, and vice versa. That’s what makes the sport great. Nothing is predictable and teams that were sucky in the past are really stepping up and threatening the dynasty franchises. Of course I root for my team to go to the Superbowl, but realistically I’m taking it game by game and hoping we get to the playoffs.

Oh yeah, I’m playing Fantasy Football this year. I am so new to this and who knows if I’ll be any good. Here’s my picks: Andrew Luck, Le’Veon Bell, Trent Richardson, Antonio Brown, DeSean Jackson, Vernon Davis, Victor Cruz, Shaun Suisham, Colin Kaepernick, Rashard Mendenhall, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Heath Miller, Maurice Jones-Drew, Michael Palmer, and Patriots Special Teams. Yeah, we’ll see how this goes.

Until next week….

Insert Wiz Khalifa’s, Black & Yellow as I wave my Terrible Towel.

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