Single Review: Jazmine Sullivan, ‘Forever Don’t Last’

jazmine-forever-dont-lastJazmine Sullivan is back with another track off her upcoming, yet to be titled, 4th studio album. After a four year hiatus Jazmine gave fans what they were waiting for, new music. Her first single back out the gate was ‘Dumb’ featuring Meek Mill (CLICK HERE for my review) and compared to her previous work it was not a good lead single at all. While I love her voice I just wasn’t a fan and I hated the video. What should’ve been able to hit the radio waves after a hiatus did nothing. R&B singers like to put rappers on their tracks to reach a broader urban audience, but not in this case.

This time around she dropped the bass and released a ballad, ‘Forever Don’t Last’ and I absolutely love it. She starts off singing in a lower tone before transitioning into her raspy sound. Moving into the second verse she does the same thing and I love that versatility in her voice. Lyrically she sings about being in a relationship that seems perfect from the start and then goes left. Hence the title, ‘Forever Don’t Last’. That picture perfect image that all comes to a halt in this track. I absolutely love it and if this is the direction she is going I’d rather listen to an R&B album than something that is just trying to make her mainstream.

Take a listen to the track below:

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