Video Review: Jhene Aiko, ‘The Pressure’


I will be the first to admit that at first I was not the biggest fan of Jhene Aiko, but as time has passed I love her entire vibe, style, and melodic voice. As for ‘The Pressure’, I posted the song upon it’s release, but never gave a review. So let’s get into the song and the video.

The beginning of the video reminds me so much of Erykah Badu and the dreads, while comments on her video have been a bit negative, I actually like them on her. Blonde and al I think it’s a cute look. I really like the half up half down look.

The video moves throughout the song with different scenes where she’s with friends and it looks that she has a boyfriend. Throughout time she begins writing and there’s distractions all around her. There’s a little girl that runs in and out, two of her friends she was with start arguing while she’s trying to write, and just when she gets her big break her ‘boyfriend’ leaves. She shows up to an event along and then this guy stands in to take pics before disappearing elsewhere leaving her alone again. What used to be so simple became complications.

My favorite line from the ENTIRE song:

Have you seen my fucks to give?
I have none, I cannot live with

What I took from this video is that there is a visible pressure that fans can see celebs go through. It’s a different look to see an angle of them going through it. They give up everything for a dream that gets them ridiculed and judged yet they continue to do it. Not dealing with the pressure for Jhene is just staying true to herself and her sound and not compromising just to be more mainstream. She’ll be accepted for who she is.

Kudos to Childish Gambino and Calmatic for this video.

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