Single Reviews: Eminem x Usher x Nicole S.

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I mentioned in a previous post that Eminem would be teaming up with Sia for a new track off the soundtrack of the new Denzel movie, Equalizer. The two previously collaborated on ‘Beautiful Pain‘ (Marshal Mathers LP 2). Their latest collab, ‘Guts Over Fear’. The beat is not my favorite, but I just love to hear Eminem rap. He’s a storyteller and to me that’s rap. Then add one of my favs Sia and it’s great. He could’ve used any singer for this track actually, but Sia’s vocals plus her accent work. Overall it’s alright. I was expecting more. I liked their first collab better.

The track is set to be featured on ShadyXV which is a 2-disc compilation album of Shady Records over the course of the past 15 years including D12, 50 Cent, Yelawulf, and new Eminem material (of course). The album is set to be released November 24th (Black Friday). Take a listen to ‘Guts Over Fear’ below:

Usher has released the third single of his upcoming, yet to be titled album. He’s done ‘Good Kisser’ (CLICK HERE for video review) and he just released the visual for ‘She Came To Give It To You’ featuring Nicki Minaj (CLICK HERE for the video review). I absolutely love the direction that Usher is going with this project. He’s giving R&B, groove, yet keeping it modern. I know before I’ve semi-bashed Usher for going ‘Pop’ on his previous albums. I love how he’s doing R&B with a twist. It’s nothing wrong with R&B with some bass. I’m just not a fan of Pop Usher regardless of how much a buzz the track gets. PLUS his dancing skills are back in full effect and he doesn’t look winded/tired when he dances now. Love the track and I’m anticipating new music. Usher has announced the UR Experience will be coming to a city near you this fall. Take a listen to the track below:

Nicole Scherzinger is back with another single off her upcoming album titled, ‘On The Rocks’. This is a ballad compared to her first single, ‘Your Love’ (CLICK HERE for video review). The song is cute, but there it doesn’t really grasp my attention. It’s mediocre and it’s as if Nicole doesn’t really have a sound. She’s done pop, takes a stab at Pop & B (R&B meets Pop), and even tries Hip Hop features. Overall I’ve never understood her sound. I’m not sure what direction she’s going. The auto tune is never needed for her because she can sing. It doesn’t add any elements or layer to the song. The song isn’t horrible, but it’s also not something that will storm the airwaves. For Nicole to have had her best music with The Pussycat Dolls it makes me wonder should they just rejoin and make another album.

Take a listen to the track below:

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