Single Review: Maroon 5, ‘Animals’

Maroon-5-Animals-2014-1200x1200-300x300Maroon 5 have released another track off their upcoming album, Vwhich will be released September 2nd. This is the third single off the album following ‘Maps’ (CLICK HERE for my video review) and ‘It Was Always You’.

First off this sounds like something that could’ve been written by Sia especially with her having a track with a similar title, ‘Free the Animal’. This track was co-written Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, and Shellback. Overall I love the track. From what they have released they are three for three in my book which is completely opposite of what I thought of their last album, Overexposed (CLICK HERE for that review).

I do not hear ‘Maps’ on the radio as much as their previous tracks, but I could definitely hear this one storming the airwaves. I think with the direction that they’re going with this project, it is the middle ground for Maroon 5 fans that want more of their original work, but can tolerate their growth as a group and staying mainstream. It sounds a lot of what they have released before, but it has that current radio sound. The theme is also a lot of torn love of trying to move on, but always getting lured back in. I can’t wait to see a visual for it, I just hope it doesn’t kill the song.

The video will be featured in the new Kia Soul EV Hamster Commercial (premiering during the VMAs). Check out the official lyric video below:

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