Video Review: ‘They Don’t Love You No More (Remix)’


Remy is officially in her video since her release from prison and it’s a DJ Khaled production, of course. I posted that she had jumped on his track immediately after her release. The song is clearly all about Remy with DJ Khaled moving around and French doing his hook. Other than that all they do is promote Birthday Cake 2 white wine. DJ Khaled also throws in his headphones, B&O, the black & gold editions.


The rest of the video has Remy i three looks. There’s the intro look has a Yankees jacket with matching cropped sweats, peep toe heels and a white tee. Top that off with the backwards baseball cap, hot pink lip, curly hair,  some chains, bamboo earrings and that’s the Remy look. Second look is a leather ensemble. She has on a bandana kimono, leather dress, converse, high socks, straight hair with her signature side bang, a gold chain, oversized earrings, and a red lip. Then there’s an underground scene where she wears another leather ensemble this time a high low shirt with 3D gems, shorts, a two-tone lip (black and green), and of course the big earrings.

Overall the video was nothing spectacular, but it’s great to see Remy back in her element. Although she’s not signed to anyone just yet word is she has a mixtape, I’m Around, dropping as soon as next week.

Check out the video below:

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