Single Review: Chris Brown, ‘X’

chris-brown-x-singleChris Brown is back with another track and this time he’s singing about moving on. In yet another single off his upcoming album, X, he’s over this ‘chick’. Based off of what’s been released he’s talked about hoes not being ‘loyal’, getting a ‘new flame’, and in this one he’s on to the next and over his past. I mean could this track be about his on-again off-again girlfriend, Karrueche? Or is this another one about Rihanna.

The lyrics discuss how he feels about said girl and how he feels he’s been lied to, how she’s deceitful. If you didn’t think he was possibly talking about Karreuche, then he said this:

I didn’t build these walls for you to piss all on my past

We all know of Chris’ past and with his recent jail time it came back to haunt him. Well, it will always haunt him. The track overall was slow in the beginning, but then it started to build up. Once it did and it got to the hook, that is what made the song.

I swear to God I’m moving on.

The choreo for this video could be so sick. From the looks of it, this album is all about his feelings on love and at this point he’s either moving on or the ‘hoes’ are just disloyal. Even though he’s on Instagram flexing of his current tumultuous love affair, his album states otherwise. Music is free expression so to each its own.

Take a listen below:

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