Single Review: OMG, ‘Boy It’s Over’

OMG-boy-its-overOMG Girlz have dropped their teenage look and simply go by OMG.  The trio is made up of Bahja (Beauty), Breaunna (Baby Doll), and Zonnique (Star). For those that watch Family Hustle these girls are regulars being that Zonnique is Tiny’s daughter. The trio is back with a new track, ‘Boy It’s Over’, which is a remake of Jagged Edge’s ‘Girl It’s Over’. The song was penned by Jagged Edge’s own Brandon and Brian Casey with production by J. Reid. The song is more of a cover than a remake. The only difference is that OMG has a rapper unlike Jagged Edge.

To me Beauty has a stronger voice than Star. I think that there could have been more power, sass, ad-libs, etc. for them to be pursing R&B. The girls have come a long way from what they have previously released and I haven’t liked a song of theirs since ‘Where The Boys At’ (CLICK HERE for that review). That was back in 2012. These girls have a lot of work to do, I’ve never been sure of their name withstanding even though it has a deeper meaning other than ‘Oh My Gosh’. The girls go by ‘Officially Miss Guided’ and I think that they need a sound of their own to really make a pop. They haven’t found it with this one.

Take a listen to the the track plus the original below:

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