Video Review: Iggy Azalea x Rita Ora, ‘Black Widow’

IMG_3562.JPGWhile I am usually a huge fan of Iggy Azalea videos, this one has to be my least favorite. There have been pictures circulating for weeks for ‘Black Widow’ and the snippet that was released did not match that of the video. There’s no surprise that it had a Kill Bill theme, but being that Iggy is all for themes the video should’ve been just that. The diner scene in the beginning reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga’s, ‘Telephone’. In fact, the videos are very similar in using the Kill Bill theme as the truck from Kill Bill was used in ‘Telephone’.

Although the video was nicely put together, it did nothing for me. I get what they were going for, but it was really nothing spectacular to me. It was just a little bland. I know there was action and that’s a different side of Iggy, but she has better videos.

Be sure to catch her LIVE on the VMAs with Rita Ora when they perform ‘Black Widow’ on 8.24.Check out the video below:

11 thoughts on “Video Review: Iggy Azalea x Rita Ora, ‘Black Widow’

  1. I don’t like Iggy’s rapping that much nice concept for black widow but the video could have been better too. I’m a fan of Rita tho lol

    1. Yeah I’m in the process of writing my review lol. Iggy’s rapping is interesting considering she doesn’t talk like that. I do like her music though and I’ve been a fan of her videos. This one just didn’t do it for me.

      1. idk much of her music but speaking from this and fancy i dont like her rapping but i think ill look into more of her music 😀

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